Children's House

Give the Zumas a new home !

„ H.I.S. A.R.K. e.V. Children’s House” is our most recent project. At the beginning of 2011 we are planning to build a house for a single raising grandmother and her orphaned granddaughters.

Learn more here about Augustina Zuma and her four granddaughters:

Her life is in danger

In October 2009 Augustina, living in a township called “Site 11”, was attacked in her mudhut by a woman from her neighbourhood without any apparent reason and injured on the head by an iron bar. Augustina raises her four – almost all orphaned – granddaughters all by herself.

She could have died during this insidious attack leaving the four girls – Fortunate, Pretty, Angel und Talita - on their own. Not unusual for South Africa, as there are more and more children’s households due to the increasing AIDS and criminal rate.

The next day Fortunate, the oldest of the granddaughters, was choked by the son of the offender threatening her: “In four days you are dead!” It is only a few years ago that Pretty’s father was shot dead in front of the hut right before her eyes.

„Site 11“ is nor a secure, nor a good place for four girls to grow up.

From left to right: Pretty, Angel, Fortunate

The wall of the hut collapsed

Shortly before the “iron bar attack” I received a call from Augustina: “I was just feeding Talita, when suddenly the wall collapsed. Pieces of the wall hit Talita on the head and she is still recovering from the shock. What shall I do?”

During the rainy season the mud hut is always submerged under water and loses stability. The furniture is suffering a lot. It is hard work for Augustina and the children to get the water out of the hut and dry their mattresses.

Augustina is feeding Talita before the washed out

Story of Augustinas Life

Augustina was born in August 1953 in KwaZulu Natal. She was one of eleven children.

As her family was very poor, the parents could not afford school education for all their children. At 12 she sacrificed her school education for her brother and started to work, in order to financially support the family. She did a hard job as a maid. Every morning at 3h she had to fell timber to make a fire. At 23 she got married to Elphas Zuma. They had 9 children and Elphas built a stone house for the family.

It was during the riots of the 90s, when Inkatha fighter came to their house in order to take away her eldest son – at the time 17 years old – for the battle against the ANC. Augustina refused to hand out her son. The Inkatha lost many life’s during the fight. After the battle the Inkatha fighter came to the house of the Zumas in order to kill the son; because the men that had remained behind, were blamed for the defeat. Her son was hiding in a tree, so they could not find him. On this day his life was spared, but tragically a few years later he was recognized by Inkatha fighters on the street and got killed.

Augustina and Elphas not only lost their son, but were driven from their house by the Inkatha and deprived of all their belongings. Until today Augustina has never returned to her house, as her life is still in danger. Elphas temporarily built a mud hut for his family in „Site 11“, where Augustina and her four granddaughters are still living today. Unfortunately Elphas soon got mentally confused and could not financially care anymore for his family.

Only one of her nine children is still alive – Rony. When Rony was 8 years old, he ran away from his extremely poor home, living as a street child. Augustina discovered him one day in Durban and took him home. But Rony, being an alcoholic for many years, was not capable to care for his mother and the four grandchildren.

On 27 May 2001 Augustina had to face another stroke of faith: Elphas took the wrong bus and did not find back home. Until today he is reported missing and Augustina does not know what has happened to her husband.

The Zulu culture requires men to build a house. As Augustina’s husband is reported missing, her son Roy is alcoholic and all her other sons are dead, the question remains: who helps Augustina to build a house for herself and her orphaned granddaughters?

Augustina with her 2 youngest granddaughters

In April 2009 parliamentary elections took place in South Africa. Various local politicians visited Augustina in her mud hut. When they saw the washed out walls, every single one of them promised: “Vote for me and I will build a house for you!” But Augustina said to each of them:: “I believe that only God can help me to build a house.”

Let us give the Zumas a new home together

H.I.S. A.R.K. e.V. is planning to built a stone house for the Zumas at the beginning of 2010. There will be a kitchen, bathroom, living room and 2 bedrooms. The cost of the house is approximately EUR 8.000.

If you want to become part of this project, please get in contact with us or donate any desired amount to our German or South African account, Ref: „HIS ARK Children’s House“. For both accounts we can issue donation receipts. Every single Euro helps us to come a step closer to realize this project.

It is possible with your help!

Roof with holes, makeshift repaired with plastic bags. Broken windows repaired with planks.

H.I.S. A.R.K. e.V. is a non-profit association who helps persons that are not able to help themselves, such as widows, orphans and refugees.

Matt 25:40 Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’
Deuteronomy 26:12: When you have finished setting aside a tenth of all your produce in the third shall give it to the Levite, the alien, the fatherless and the widow…”

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