H.I.S.A.R.K. e.V.

Welcome to H.I.S. A.R.K. (H
elp In Southern Africa Rescuing Kids) e.V.

Give Love
Bring Hope

The everyday life of children living in Squatter Camps (Slums) in South Africa is often accompanied by violence, abuse, malnutrition and resulting consequences from AIDS. Sadly South Africa has one of the highest murder, rape and HIV transmission rates in the world! We are convinced that the problems of this society cannot solely be solved through a recovery in adult life, but mainly through prevention during childhood. We support children not only with food and clothes, but in particular teach them how they can help themselves. Fundamental changes in a human life start from the inner – with new values and a new attitude to life.

Who, as a child, learns to be loved, precious, and desired, can give love and is able to respect other people’s life as an adult. We want to reach these precious, little personalities with Biblical principles and values, before they are being sucked into alcohol, drugs, violence, abuse and gangs.

With our projects we want to
build faith,
give love and
bring hope.

Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. (Franz von Assisi)

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